FINALE: Race #8 New Jersey Motor Speedway

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FINALE: Race #8 New Jersey Motor Speedway Empty FINALE: Race #8 New Jersey Motor Speedway

Post by wolfwg32 on Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:43 am

Matthews holds off Yazawa and Evie Vance claims the title of Lowe's Allstar!

Through the early laps of the 50 lap event, Nozomi Toujou held command of the lead of the championship 4, while Ryan Matthews would be hard to pass for the race lead. On lap 17, while battling Evie Vance for the title, Nozomi's engine expired. This would be the second time, the prior being just the week before at Richmond which made her clinch scenario a little sketchier than she would like.

"Two weeks in a row, I have some rather vulgar things I want to say but I would make my friends dissapointed if I said them out loud right now. All I know is, I was here to win, I was in control and something out of my control took it away from me. If I had lost to Evie heads up I would of been fine with that, but a random component failure on a spec motor is rather infuriating. I wanted to win this for my friends, to show that µ's Autosport drivers aren't here to "show pretty faces." We came to race just like everyone else."

Eventual series winner Evie Vance also mentioned that she was looking forward to battling with the 54 (Nozomi) for the title and was dissapointed that an engine failure took the 54 out.

With several close calls throughout the event, the race surprisingly remained caution free.

With 11 to go, Nico Yazawa passed Ryan Matthews and looked to be on her way to a win, however, Matthews wasn't finished and was able to pass the 55 for the lead with 7 to go and hold her off for the win.

Lapped cars and a fading handling Evie Vance would make the title fight interesting as Ben Atkins was able to close to her rear bumper with 5 to go. It would be to no avail though as she was able to keep the 2 car at bay and finish 7th, ahead of her other two title rivals, Atkins and Bailey Bliss (finished 13th).

With that, the off season of 2017 is coming to a close. Vance claims the title of Lowe's Allstar and Matthews gets some redemption after a disappointing outing in the chase in the 2017 LIS season.  We can't wait to see who will make the Allstars of 2018!

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