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Race #2 777 Super Speedway Empty Race #2 777 Super Speedway

Post by wolfwg32 on Sun Oct 29, 2017 4:01 pm

Tall Banks, high speeds and only 1.5 miles to fit it all in. After 40 laps of four wide, slingshot battles, The Big Sister of µ's would conquer the day.

A pair of truck drivers would claim the front row this week, Corbin Rhodes would grab the pole and share the front row with Dustin Houston. As you would Imagine qualifying made little to no difference as drivers fanned out into turn 1 on the drop of the green. Rhodes' time at the front lasted all but 10 seconds as Nico Yazawa would dive to the inside and begin what would be the chaos of Super Speedway Racing. Lacey Starling would become the first driver to lead more than 1 consecutive lap in the first 5 laps.

Off of turn 4 coming to lap 6 would be near catastrophe. Bradley Carlisle and pole sitter Corbin Rhodes would make contact as the two came together off the corner, sending both through the infield grass. Rhodes surprisingly cut through the grass and rejoined the pack without incident. Carlisle recovered as well, but lost the draft. The big story of the opening laps had to go to Nozomi Toujou, Starting 10th, dropping to last and carving her way back into the top 5. Two cars that broke away from the pack Lacey Starling and Owen Hill were quickly ran down by the 54. Lap 7 Toujou passed Owen Hill for 2nd in turn one and made short work of Lacey Starling for the lead in turn 3.

For the second week in a row the race would only come to a halt one time. However, running at speeds upwards of 220mph incidents don't usually tend to be small. Lap 8 the caution would fly as Ricardo Guerrero made the sound heard around downtown Vegas Strip. Evie Vance giving a bump to Matilda Dillinger would send her into an unsuspecting Guerrero on the inside line. Guerrero's car climbed the banking and hit the outside wall head on at 170mph. Dillinger's machine backed into the wall as well and made drive-side contact as well. Luckily for her the initial hit to the rear took away the energy from the second hit. Certainly not the luck Matilda wanted after being 2 laps short of winning last week at Kansas. Guerrero was shaken up, but otherwise okay despite the hard impact.

Racing would resume on lap 13 and it was intense... Just not for the lead. Nozomi Toujou put on a clinic in the lead. Masterfully working the draft to keep cars behind her. Many tried and even a repaired slow Dillinger couldn't prevent the 54 from taking the victory in the second race of the Allstars!

"I Think as tires started to wear drivers couldn't get the energy of the pack to move forward again. When they got side-by-side I was nearly 3 tenths ahead of second"

Toujou who was voted into the field as STARS' Most Popular driver will not return to racing next season. What better way to cap off a short, career then to have a shot to claim the title of STARS Allstar! Next week drivers will take on the high speed road course: Massachusetts Motorsports Park.

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