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Race #6 Orlando Empty Race #6 Orlando

Post by wolfwg32 on Fri Nov 03, 2017 11:36 pm

It was one of those old fashioned final lap passes for the win at Orlando with Corbin Rhodes stealing the win from Ruby McBrien and Owen Hill!

With an all-trucker front row, Braxton Laughlin and Lacey Starling would lead our field of 20 to the green at Orlando! In typical Super Speedway fashion, the field spread out to 3-4 wide racing in an instant. Lacey Starling would attempt to control the lines like our resident Washi~Washi expert did at 777, but it would be to no avail as Ruby McBrien would slingshot around her to grab the lead on lap 4.

Working together, staying organized? That didn't happen often. Trouble was clearly on the mind of drivers in the field, but it stayed caution free for the entire event. Individual problems did happen as drivers would fall victim to being the last car in line and losing the main pack, ending their chance at claiming a W in this wild card race. Bradley Carlisle also suffered from issues as his car fell from the lead pack due to a random part failure.

Despite lead changes and amazing slingshots, the race was rather typical for Super Speedway racing. The wow factor came on the final lap. As Ruby McBrien and Owen Hill were side by side fighting for the win, Two cars that lost the draft, Ricardo Guerrero and Chiyo Minami held up McBrien and Hill. As this happened Corbin Rhodes would go from 9th to 1st with a sneaky move to the inside and win the race! Starling motioned to move in front of the 39, but realized it was too late and decided not to junk the field.

With this Corbin Rhodes is the 6th!!! Different winner, however his placement is still 6th as his season has been less than stellar. So it comes down 6 drivers to transfer on the final 4, plus a 7th different winner could blow this whole thing wide-open! Are you excited? We are!

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