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Race #4 Eldora Empty Race #4 Eldora

Post by wolfwg32 on Fri Nov 03, 2017 6:20 pm

Ricardo Guerrero shakes up the top 4, holding off challenges from Nico Yazawa and Matilda Dillinger to claim a trophy that you put dirt in!

In late night prime time TV showing, that took up 12 seconds of precious pre-game football, the LAS drivers took to the banks of Eldora Speedway. A track surrounded by farms in Ohio, owned by some chap that goes by the name, Tony.

For some drivers this would be their first event racing on a dirt surface, Especially for the LIS Rookie of the Year, Nico Yazawa.
"Hang on, Dirt racing? That's filthy! You expect someone like me, The Number One Super Idol in the Universe to go out there and get dirty!?" She quickly changed her mind when track owner Tony gave her some secrets to racing on dirt. One of our reporters also picked up on something about bragging to "Maki-chan" non-stop if she won.

Grant Macintosh and Bradley Carlisle shared the front row for the main event of the evening. At the drop of the green the race began. There was just something to behold as watching 20 cars specifically made for asphalt racing, slipping and sliding on a dirt surface. It didn't take long to see who would be the hard to beat contenders as Matilda Dillinger, Ricardo Guerrero and Nico Yazawa raced to the front three positions in the opening five laps.

First yellow of the evening would fly on lap five as truck champion Tyler Everett would get into the back of Dallas Hammond and send him into the inside wall, Hammond then shot up the race track into the outside wall collecting Owen Hill, the #79 machine with him. Coming back to the caution Hanamaru Tsushima was turned off the front bumper of Ben Atkins as her and 5 other cars tried to cram into one spot. 'Maru received some damage from the incident but was able to continue on.

Second yellow of the night flew shortly after on lap 13 as Ruby McBrien, crammed in behind the 01 of Tsushima ran into the back of her friend, causing both of them to slam the outside wall. 'Maru drove off but McBrien was hit from behind by the 39 of Corbin Rhodes and was spun.

The front 3 remained the same since lap 5 as Yazawa, Guerrero and Dillinger would resume their 3 car bout for the lead. The racing came to a pause again Ben Atkins on lap 25 would overdrive into turn 3, sliding him into the 5 of Bailey Bliss and take the 19 of Evie Vance with him. Short after the following restart on lap 31 Ryan Matthews would be turned and the caution would fly again.

Amazingly enough the last restart on lap 37 would be the final of the day. The fight for the win resumed and the same three contenders at the front continued to trade the lead. Finally as things seemed to settle out between the three, with Guerrero in the lead with 10 to go by half a second, it looked like the truck regular had it locked up. Yazawa had different plans as she would make her way around Dillinger for second with six to go. With one more final run at it, Yazawa took the lead away on lap 66, but with a clever cross-over by Guerrero, he was able to regain the lead and keep the 55 at bay to win at Eldora!

Guerrero's much needed win propelled him into the final 4 (Gaining 15 positions in the points), making a must-win for other drivers if they want to compete for a chance to win the championship in the finale. He is unfortunately the lowest of the 4 meaning if someone else wins he could possibly be bumped out of the top 4. For Ms. Nishikino she can breathe easy knowing that she almost had a life-time of endless bragging from the driver of the 55.

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