Race #3 Massachusetts Motorsports Park

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Race #3 Massachusetts Motorsports Park Empty Race #3 Massachusetts Motorsports Park

Post by wolfwg32 on Tue Oct 31, 2017 2:34 am

Bailey Bliss Debunked the theory that only intellectuals could only understand Massachusetts Motorsports Park and got schwifty on the field!

In a land where turn signals are only a myth and her majesty's taxes still exist after all these years, STARS Lowes' Allstars took to the high speed Roval known as MMP. Bradley Carlisle claimed pole with Ms. Number One Idol to his outside, Nico Yazawa. With the high output and high drag package returning, speeds approached 205mph on the front stretch while cars in tow of the leader could easily push 211. The Banked corners left for multi-lane passing, on the bottom and on top. Most drivers would have to overcome the large elevation change following the first two turns. The only right hander on the course follows up after a high speed downhill dive.

Bradley Carlisle would lead the first lap, followed by Grant Macintosh leading the 2nd lap of the event. Coming to lap 3 Ruby McBrien used the draft to slingshot around Grant and take the lead. She would survive several challenges from Macintosh, Chiyo Minami and her LIS Teammate Carlisle. Ben Atkins would finally take the lead away on lap 16, like taking candy from a red-haired, small, child. The crowd was quick to start bad chants against Atkins, but he didn't care because it's his job to race people.

Green flag pit stops on lap 17 would cause major confusion as timing and scoring for pit entry was broken. Unbeknownst to officials all 20 drivers would receive a 30 second penalty. LAS Officials told drivers they couldn't deal with penalty and told teams to tough it out. Atkins and Bailey Bliss would be cleared of pit road first due to the lightning fast pit stops from their crews.

Besides the outrage from the crowd on hand, Bailey Bliss would hold off Atkins and a rapidly closing Bradley Carlisle for the final 7 laps of the event to take home the win! In a twist of events post race controversy wasn't absent, drivers questioned why everyone received a 30 second penalty. Meanwhile, race winner Bailey Bliss rapidly slowed into turn 1 after taking the win and was hit from behind by Ben Atkins. Bliss couldn't confirm to reporters as to why she slowed, but Atkins was quick to comment that his actions were un-intentional and that if he was upset at anyone, it would have been the officials calling the shots.

By the way, if you are keeping score, that's 3 different winners of the 7 races! 3 are locked in, IF we don't have repeat winners 4th place would transfer on points, but if we have a different winner again, the top 4 is locked until a 5th different winner would happen! Are you kidding me!? The best of the best for 4 spots to win rights to STARS' Greatest driver!

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