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Race #1 Kansas Empty Race #1 Kansas

Post by wolfwg32 on Sun Oct 29, 2017 3:03 pm

Ben Atkins and Matilda Dillinger, teammates in the Lowes' International Series, Rivals in the Allstars! Between the two drivers the lead changed 10 times throughout the 81 lap event at Kansas Speedway!

To lead off the Inaugural LAS event at Kansas, the front row consisted of Ben Atkins (pole) and International Series Champion Ruby McBrien! Early laps proved to be exciting as tires had plenty of grip on the fire-off. Four wide, using the front stretch apron, cars ran everywhere. 8 laps into the run 4 drivers started to separate themselves from the pack. Ben Atkins, Evie Vance, Nico Yazawa and Bailey Bliss. Atkins was able to hold on to the lead for the majority of the run as Yazawa, Bliss and Vance battled for 2nd, often going three wide between the three of them. The crowd on hand loved every second of the early intense racing. Unfortunately that hard racing would eventually lead to an incident.

Only one caution flew in the event. Lap 19: A hard accident that started with 4 wide contact between Dallas Hammon, Corbin Rhodes and Chiyo Minami. Rhodes would spin, only to get his car recovered with some damage from the wall and the 22 machine of Minami. Minami who checked up to avoid making things worse was then run over from behind by the 01 of Hanamaru Tsushima, spinning her car across the track infront of approaching race cars. Ricardo Guerrero slammed the Right Front of Minami's car. To make matters worse, KTTS Champion Tyler Everett plowed into the 22 as well, send her pirouetting on her side into turn 1. Minami was taken to a Local hospital for further evaluation but was released that night with no severe injury.

Finally a 58 lap run to the finish would decide the race. With 55-56 laps being the fuel window, drivers were on the edge of making it to the finish. Atkins and Dillinger resumed the battle for the lead. With 20 to go Dillinger, having clean air advantage, was able to keep Atkins at bay and would like she would cruise to the win. However, coming to 2 to go, Dillinger's car started to stumble and had to dive to pit road. Atkins would take the lead and win the Inaugural Lowes' Allstars Series race at Kansas! Next week the drivers take on the intense 1.5 mile Super Speedway. 777 Super Speedway!

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