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The STARS Lowes' Allstars! Empty The STARS Lowes' Allstars!

Post by wolfwg32 on Sun Oct 29, 2017 1:02 am

The STARS Lowes' Allstars is all about the combined series' best of the best and most beloved drivers.
To be qualified is very simple. Have you won a race in either the International or Trucks series? If so, you're in!
The field consists of Spec Camaros built by Stars R&D Engineers. Only ever tested by former series drivers so the current drivers won't have an advantage when it comes to racing the cars.

This season, 20 drivers will participate in the off-season campaign. The schedule consists of 7 "Regular-season races" and an 8th where drivers in the top 4 in points will reset and fight for the title. Winning also locks you in to the finale, but with equal cars it will all come down to driver talent, and repeat winners might not be the norm.

The other kicker? With the unknown characteristics of each car also comes an unknown race. The tracks that drivers will compete on are not involved with Lowes' international or Kobalt Tools Trucks. With that being said, let's take a look out our drivers and tracks for the 2017 off-season campaign!

#01 Hanamaru Tsushima (2017 LIS Winner)
#1 Matilda Dillinger (2017 LIS Winner)
#2 Ben Atkins (2017 LIS Winner)
#5 Bailey Bliss (2017 KTTS Winner)
#05 Ricardo Guerrero (2017 KTTS Winner)
#6 Ryan Matthews (2017 KTTS Winner)
#12 Grant Macintosh (2017 LIS Winner)
#19 Evie Vance (2017 LIS Winner)
#22 Chiyo Minami (2017 LIS Winner)
#25 Braxton Laughlin (2017 KTTS Winner)
#29 Ruby McBrien (2017 LIS Champion)
#33 Tyler Everett (2017 KTTS Champion)
#36 Dustin Houston (2017 KTTS Winner)
#39 Corbin Rhodes (2017 KTTS Winner)
#54 Nozomi Toujou (2017 STARS MPD)
#55 Nico Yazawa (2017 LIS ROTY)
#62 Lacey Starling (2017 KTTS Winner)
#79 Owen Hill (2017 KTTS Winner)
#92 Bradley Carlisle (2017 LIS Winner)

Race 1: Kansas Speedway
Race 2: 777 Speedway
Race 3: Massachusetts Motorsports Park (Papyrus)
Race 4: Eldora Speedway
Race 5: Gateway Motorsports Park
Race 6: Orlando International Speedway
Race 7: Salem
- Finale (4 drivers reset to fight for the title) -
Race 8: Paris Circuit

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