NSCF to be acquired following the 2017 season

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NSCF to be acquired following the 2017 season Empty NSCF to be acquired following the 2017 season

Post by bsoyuz on Thu Jul 06, 2017 9:05 pm

In a surprise announcement few weeks prior to the start of the 28th NSCF Championship Series season, the president of the sanctioning body, Mike Vandiver, along with the founder of the series, Richard Graves, revealed the body will have a new owner and will also go under multiple changes as part of a planned expansion, looking to become a fully nationwide STARS farm system.

The new owner is West Virginia entrepreneur Edgar St. John, owner of Enclave Entertainment, the company that produces not only the broadcasts for NSCF races, but other motorsports based content as well for Autosport Television. The buyout also involves Autosport Television's parent company, Appalachian Broadcasting, that will acquire the rights to broadcast NSCF events live for five years, with the possibility of renovation.

In the press conference, St. John laid out his plan for expansion: "We'll start the expansion process through 2017 and will work slowly, but steadily. There will be no attempts at trying to go after STARS, we're intending to be a stronger farm system for them, as the NSCF has not followed the crescent expansion of the Lowe's International Series, and now finds itself stuck in time, not helping either the kids that wanna start their careers or the veterans that come here every weekend".

The sanctioning body will go through rebranding following the conclusion of the 2017 season at the Talladega Superspeedway, being called the SCLA (Stock Car League of America), after quietly purchasing ProEast, a eastern late model series. Another tour acquired by NSCF was the midwestern American Sportsman Cup, a series that uses fiberglass sportsman bodies.

The racing world eagerly awaits the future of the sanctioning body, as their new owners look forward to what can be the start of a new era in racing.

(OOC Quick Rundown: the NSCF is to STARS what ARCA is to NASCAR, including the superspeedway approval thing)


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NSCF to be acquired following the 2017 season Empty Continental Tires 150 at New York Entry List

Post by bsoyuz on Fri Jul 14, 2017 1:06 am

Entry List for the Continental Tires 150 at New York published:


#0   - Terri Millard (R) - Rick Pantano Motorsports
#1   - Ken Daugherty - Ken Daugherty Racing*
#2   - Ben Atkins - ATK Motorsports*
#3   - Wayne Freese - Wayne Freese Racing
#01 - Hanamaru Tsushima (R) - Aquors Racing*
#05 - Tanner Steele (R) - Mach 5 Racing
#10 - Rick Pantano - Rick Pantano Motorsports
#11 - Stan Gustaffson - Rick Pantano Motorsports*
#12 - Barry Klein - Barry Klein Racing
#15 - Will Garrett (R) - TRK Racing
#20 - Mike Deringer - Brooks Racing
#22 - Chiyo Minami - UltraPower Racing
#24 - Grant Charley - Barry Klein Racing
#25 - Braxton Laughlin - Laughlin Family Racing*
#28 - Caitlin Conway - ATK Motorsports
#29 - Ruby McBrien - McBrien Racing*
#30 - Trent Beckenridge - Brooks Racing*
#33 - Tyler Everett - Outlaw Racers Group*
#36 - James Klein - Barry Klein Racing*
#38 - Jim Gerald - JG Motorsports*
#40 - Bruce Bostrom - Brooks Racing
#44 - Eddie Vaughn - Explosion Motorpsorts
#45 - Joshua Sanders - Parker Racing*
#48 - Barry Klein, Jr. - Barry Klein Racing
#50 - Rebecca Landon (R) - Brooks Racing
#51 - Gabriel Macena - Gabriel Macena Racing*
#55 - Lilly Saunders (R) - Mach 5 Racing*
#56 - Yoshiko Kunikida (R) - Warren Motorsports
#60 - Steven Brooks - Brooks Racing
#62 - Lacey Starling (R) - Thorn-Lan Racing
#63 - Britanny Chapman (R) - Thorn-Lan Racing*
#66 - René Sauveterre - Rick Pantano Motorsports
#76 - Joe King - True American Motorsports
#82 - Frank Mutton - Mutton Brothers Racing
#83 - Peter Mutton - Mutton Brothers Racing
#88 - Lucky Raines - Rick Pantano Motorsports
#92 - Evie Vance - McBrien Racing*
#94 - Nick Scott - Scott Racing Team*
#99 - Julia Ashcroft (R) - Ashcroft Family Racing

Orange denotes full-time cars, (R) denotes rookies, asterisk denotes cars starting only at New York/Talladega

OOC: Cars with TBA as drivers are cars that either are only starting New York, or will have a different driver at that race. You can claim such slots, but the preference is to have rookies or younger drivers in those cars.


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