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Post by Magus978 on Wed Jun 21, 2017 10:17 pm

Full Name: Tom Delgado
Nickname(s): The Conqueror, The Devil in Red, White, and Blue
Birthdate: 08/20/1974 (Age 44)
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Series: Lowe's International Series
Team: None (Retired)
Wins: 12 (9 Cup, 3 Truck)
Championships: 2 (1995 Cup, 2003 Trucks)
Rookie Season: 1995
Final Season: 2019
Twitter: @RealTomDelgado

Won the 1995 STARS Cup championship as a rookie, then won the 2003 STARS Truck championship. In between, he had his share of substance abuse issues which wiped him off the map for awhile. Ended his retirement in 2018 and signed a contract with Mach 5 Motorsports, making him the highest paid driver in all of racing. However, he missed the playoffs and activated a clause in the contract that allowed him to leave after the playoff field was established. He reactivated Tom Delgado Racing for the 2019 season, signing Matilda Dillenger to the team's second car, but she left in mid-season. Delgado won an ugly race at Chicagoland for his 9th and final cup win. After finishing 13th in the championship and getting eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, Delgado announced his retirement again. This time, he was moving to the television and radio booth for the 2020 season and onward.

Tom Delgado will go down as one of the bigger wastes of talent the series has ever seen. Touted as a potential multiple time champion when he won the Cup title in 1995, he allowed his personal demons to supersede his talent and in the end, he only achieved a fraction of what he was truly capable of. However, he has been drug-free for over 15 years and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. He has been married twice, both marriages ending in bitter divorces due to his past drug habits.

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