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2017 National Duel #2 Empty 2017 National Duel #2

Post by BJA95 on Wed Jun 14, 2017 9:52 pm

Dillinger Fends Off Teammates To Win

Despite her teammates being her main competition throughout the entire race, 2016 champion Matilda Dillinger managed to hold off a hard charge from her ATK Motorsports teammates and Spencer Libra to take home her first Duel win. Dillinger lead much of the last segment of the race, that was littered with cautions despite a clean first half to the race.

Spencer Libra ruined the idea of a 1-2 finish for the team, however, as he managed to take second place from Ben Atkins, who finished third with Casey Lester and Joshua Sanders rounding out the top 5.

"I'm really proud of our guys." said Dillinger, "It's a shame the racing wasn't clean towards the end. I'm not really sure what happened with the 12 and the 72 but it was a big smash and it took out some good cars... I think I would have preferred to have gone caution free to the end but a win is a win!"

Spencer Libra, who is cutting back to just the large ovals this season, was also encouraged by the speed he shown, and credited the ATK group.

"Our car is fantastic, considering we don't have a solid sponsorship package." said Libra, "We went out there to have fun and we did. The ATK Motorsports guys raced me clean and hard, and it was a blast! I know me and Ben have had some issues in the past but he came down with a smile, shook my hand and said it was fun so hopefully that marks the end of any animosity between us!"

Dillinger will line up behind her teammate Atkins, starting fourth for the Empire State 450.

Donohue Blasts Ward After Spin

Dean Donohue may have still made the Empire State 450 but he encountered a scare after being sent into a spin after contact at the mid-way point of the event with Ben Atkins and Barney Ward. Despite nearly going a lap down due to his damage, Donohue managed to finish the race in 8th place, but insisted he had more than that.

"Car was a top 5 car. We had a rocket." said the young Donohue, "The 77 decided to chop the inside then chop the outside... he forced the #2 [Atkins] to go in the middle and squeeze us both down... just unnecessary."

"I fear that he'll do the same in the 450 honestly."

The 22-year-old was given credit after the race by none other than Atkins, after the two had spent a lot of time drafting together during the first half of the race.

"He's a good kid. He was a great talent last year and sure as hell he's good this year," said Atkins, "I told him after the race that if I couldn't find my teammate, I'd be finding him to work with because he was making all the right moves."

"I get why he's upset with Ward after that crash... I don't get why he was swerving all over the place. That's how big wrecks happen here."

Carter, Stansfield Okay After Scary Incident

It was a disappointing end to the Speedweek festivities for both Ross Carter and Bradley Stansfield after both drivers were sent hard into the inside wall exiting the second turn. Carter was turned by the #94 car, piloted by his team owner and father Gareth Carter, before collecting Stansfield and slamming hard into an opening.

Despite the bad look of the incident, Carter and Stansfield both climbed out of their cars, with fire crews tending to the latter's car after flames appeared under the hood of the car after the two heavy hits.

"It didn't feel too bad but my spotter sounded real worried about me after we hit and the radio wasn't working so I had to get out quick." said Carter, "I'm just a little disappointed we ain't gonna race but I'm not gonna hold it against my Dad. Looked like Williams was real slow and just stacked us all up."

Stansfield was less than complimentary about the incident, however.

"I figured a father would look after his son," said an angry Stansfield, "We haven't got a lot as a team and now we have a car with fire damage. Hopefully Marc can get the job done in the main event because now I'm rooting him on. Sucks because we did great in single car runs and now it's all gone wrong."

Beaufort Not Cleared To Run Empire State 450 After Causing Incident

Jon Beaufort, despite his single car qualifying effort, will not run the Empire State 450 after his part in a frightening incident which seen several cars collected in a melee, and also seen him flip across the track on the frontstretch after being hit by Ike Durbin.

Beaufort, 41, has been a longtime veteran in the series with limited success, and was hoping that a one-off showing for ATK Motorsports could rejuvenate his career, but his Speedweeks effort has been cut short as STARS officials have sent him home, giving Ike Durbin the spot after his 12th place effort in the single car qualification session.

"What a joke." said Beaufort, "I was fourth in single car runs and they're just going to snatch my spot away and give it to someone else. Who cares that I caused a wreck? I should be in the event."

"Ruby McBrien caused a [expletive] crash in the first duel and will still race? That's B.S. Awful."

However, he did not have the support of his teammates or fellow racers after the incident, including Grant Macintosh, who was not pleased after he was collected in the incident.

"It sucks that we tore up our car, I really couldn't tell you what Jon [Beaufort] was doing, he just hooks a guy and sets off a huge accident, takes out a bunch of good cars. I really hope he wisens up or he's gonna kill someone, or himself, in an actual race one of these days."

Frank McBrien defended the STARS officials' decision to not clear Beaufort.

"Jon Beaufort is a grade A buffoon." said McBrien, "I don't know how he has the nerve to compare a blown tire to his complete stupidity. He's never been one to race smart. He's always been the guy causing crashes... I'm surprised he didn't wreck the field in the truck race! He was a complete weapon... I think he needs to reevaluate his life choices because he's not fit to be in a stock car. End of."

Beaufort will still race with ATK in the Truck series but the #72 machine will now be piloted by Caitlin Conway in select events, starting in a few weeks time at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Start Video:


1 5 1 M Dillinger 144.774 44 20* 185 Running
2 3 26 S Libra -0.14 44 1 175 Running
3 1 2 B Atkins -0.18 44 6 170 Running
4 7 21 C Lester -0.33 44 10 165 Running
5 21 82 J Sanders -0.60 44 0 155 Running
6 14 18 M Hanley -1.02 44 0 150 Running
7 13 75 W Carmichael -2.61 44 0 146 Running
8 9 66 D Donohue -5.78 44 1 147 Running
9 16 10 D Leckliter -5.91 44 0 138 Running
10 18 08 Y Kunikida -6.08 44 0 134 Running
11 8 31 J Eichholtz -6.16 44 0 130 Running
12 4 12 G Macintosh -6.39 44 1 132 Running
13 19 94 G Carter -6.53 44 0 124 Running
14 17 98 S Harrow -1L 43 0 121 Running
15 22 77 B Ward -1L 43 0 118 Running
16 23 78 D Williams -1L 43 0 115 Running
17 24 7 D Johnson -2L 42 0 112 Running
18 20 24 P Vaughn -6L 38 0 109 Retired
19 11 50 G Macena -6L 38 0 106 Header

20 15 14 G Hadaway -6L 38 0 103 Ignition
21 6 65 I Durbin -7L 37 0 100 Accident
22 2 72 J Beaufort -7L 37 5 102 Accident
23 10 15 B Stansfield -17L 27 0 94 Accident
24 12 28 R Carter -17L 27 0 91 Accident

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