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Full Name: Scott Raymond Andrews
Birthdate: 04/06/1953 (age 63)
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Series: Kobalt Tools Truck Series
Wins: 20
Championships: 1 (1996)
Rookie Season: 1977
Twitter: @ScottAndrews19

== Racing Career ==
Scott Andrews got his start in STARS way back in 1977 at the age of 25, driving a #91 Chevrolet for Southern Pride Racing, a team owned by fellow South Carolinian Bill Brady. Andrews was a solid mid-field racer, but never really had the speed to get up and compete for wins. He ran in what is now the Lowe's International Series up until 1987, when he stepped out after the season to contemplate his racing career.

He stayed racing in his time away from STARS, running local short tracks, until a unique opportunity presented itself in 1992. STARS announced a brand new secondary series, that was originally intended to be a blend of young guns and grizzled veterans, what was then known as the STARS Truck Tour. His old boss Bill Brady contacted him a month before the season started to see if he wanted to take the wheel again for his truck operation, which Andrews agreed to.

1992 was a great start to Andrews' return to STARS competition, picking up two wins on the season at North Wilkesboro and Hickory, and ultimately coming home 3rd in the championship standings in what was now the #19 Chevrolet.

1993 and 1994 were average years for Andrews, he picked up 3 more wins total across the two years, but was still not quite on that next level. But 1995 would be that first step...

Scott Andrews' 1995 season started with a win at Oswego Speedway, on the same weekend that open-wheel star Israel Bruce took the Empire State 450 in a shocker, and Andrews would continue to look great, picking up 4 more wins in the season, only to come home second to Keith Jackson, taking his second title in the Truck Series.

Andrews' confidence was at an all-time high coming into 1996, with the Southern Pride Racing #19 picking up a big-time sponsorship deal from Denny's Diner, but two straight DNFs in the first two races put a damper into the 19 team's morale. Andrews' season would do a total 180 after that however, as he picked up a staggering seven wins in one season, a series record that would remain untouched until 2005, and Scott Andrews would win his first career championship with the man who gave him his start.

The next few years brought two more wins to the #19 truck, but the new millennium was set to bring some challenging times and thrilling heights for Scott.

The STARS Truck Series announced that they would be going to the New York Autoring for the very first time in 2000 for the Empire State 225. A race that would become a crown jewel event for the Trucks. 33 trucks started the inaugural running of the event, but Scott Andrews would take the checkers in the famous #19 Chevrolet, etching his name in history one more time. The 2000 season was business as usual for Andrews, but things changed for him at the end of 2000. He received a call on November 15th, 2000 that Bill Brady had passed away at the age of 78. This left a large amount of uncertainty in Andrews' future, as Bill's son Brock Brady would be handling the team's future going forward.

The team carried on as normal until 2004, when Scott Andrews was offered a huge deal by Mach 5 Motorsports, a team that was becoming something of a powerhouse in the newly-named Kobalt Tools Truck Series. Andrews would move to a #50 Chevrolet, and would be consistently upstaged by his teammates, namely a soon-to-be three time champion in Casey Jennings. Southern Pride Motorsports would also fold at the end of 2004, with money being an issue for them.

In 2005, Andrews' record of seven wins in a season was shattered by Jennings, who won an astonishing nine races in 2005, and ultimately took his second title of three.

2006 was a turning point in Andrews' career. His contract with Mach 5 was up at the end of 2005, and there were rumors circulating in the world of Motorsports that Swedish endurance racer Axel Eklund was set to come to STARS for Mach 5. The team opted to not renew Andrews' deal, and instead bank on Eklund. Andrews seemingly was done in STARS.

But fast-forward to 2010. A new decade in the KTTS, and Scott Andrews at age 57, was going to be an owner-driver for the first time in his career. Through a technical alliance with Mach 5 Motorsports, Revival Racing was formed. Andrews named his team this because he saw this team as the revival of his racing career and passion for motorsports in general. He would once again be back behind the wheel of the famous #19. Since then, Andrews has had some good runs every now and again, but he hasn't gotten that victory that he's been looking to get. Perhaps 2017 will be the year that the 63 year old will finally get one more win in the old #19 machine.

== Personal Life ==

Andrews resides in Nashville, TN, where he's lived his whole life.

Andrews is a big hockey fan, and often attends Nashville Predators games.

Andrews also considers himself a bit of a grill master, often seen tailgating post-race with his team and other drivers in the series.

Scott Andrews has interesting relationships with several people in the garage area, namely Marc McAllister, who he has notoriously heckled multiple times. Andrews seems to get along with most drivers in the field, but has had a couple of people who he has put on blast. Namely Dustin Houston, who he infamously called a "punk-ass kid" in 2012 after a crash at Kansas Speedway.

Andrews is most commonly known for running the #19 and his short stint in the #50 for Mach 5, but for one race, he drove a #06 truck in 2009 at New York Autoring, when the driver of the #06 truck, Aleister Harper, was sidelined after he was involved in a car crash leaving the track just two days before the race. Andrews came home 13th in the Blackout Racing truck.

== Q&A ==

Favourite Track?
Darlington. It's always tricky there, and that's the thrill of it. I love being on the ragged edge on that track, and those Darlington stripes are a badge of honor.

Least Favourite Track?
Kentucky. We ran there once in 2013, and I hated every minute of it. 'Bout put me to sleep driving it.

Favourite Band?
Now you're asking the real questions. Not a band, per se, but I've always enjoyed some Johnny Cash.

If you had to pick a theme song, what would it be?
"God's Gonna Cut You Down" by Johnny Cash

Favourite Teammate?
I don't know man, I got so many teammates, it's hard to choose! All zero of 'em. Maybe we'll be a two-truck operation sometime. If we can get some sponsorship, I'll open a second truck.

How do you spend your time when not racing?
Grilling, watching the Preds play, or just relaxing with my two dogs.

And finally... any random fact!
I haven't had any alcohol since I was 25. It'll be 40 years next year, but if I win another race, I might be persuaded to change my mind...

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